Handmade essential oil powered collections elevated with crystal energy. Get into the healing attributes of our blends. Experience the elevation!


Citrine the "Success Stone" also known as the "Stone of The Sun" attracts abundance, maximizes manifestation, alleviates depression & fears, increases personal power & confidence, stimulates solar plexus chakra, assists in toxin elimination, improves digestion & blood circulation, strengthens immune system & boosts metabolism. 

Selenite the "Divine Light Stone" is also known as "Stone of The Moon" raises vibration, removes energy blockages & aligns chakras, connects to third eye, crown, etheric chakras, promotes emotional well-being, blocks toxic energy, reverses effects of free radicals, deflects geopathic stress, strengthens connection to the divine. 


Limited Edition Blends are created when we're inspired... by nature, the cosmos, wellness needs, collaborations... 
They are available EXCLUSIVELY at our pop up events, retail partners and FIRST to our Vibrant Incredible Customers via email shopping invitation. 


Eucalyptmint Euphoria

We've fused Peppermint & Eucalyptus essential oils in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite to create a blend that provides a high potency follicle stimulant to promote MAXIMUM hair growth and support a balanced healthy scalp. 

Aromatherapy - peppermint & eucalyptus open the senses & invigorate energy 

Crystaltherapy - Citrine & Selenite 

Templetherapy - promotes maximum hair growth  ~balances scalp ~cools body ~relaxes muscles ~protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin ~moderate anti-aging properties

Eucalyptmint Euphoria Elixir

Eucalyptmint Euphoria Salve

Lavender Luxury

Lavender & Eucalyptus essential oils in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite combine to support a clean and healthy scalp with their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Eucalyptus oil aids in increased ceramide production resulting in stronger growing hair. 

Aromatherapy - Lavender & Eucalyptus balance energy with their calming and energizing properties 

Crystaltherapy - Citrine & Selenite

Templetherapy - supports healthy scalp ~produces stronger growing hair ~soothes scalp & skin inflammation ~protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin ~detoxifies & heals injured skin ~moderate anti-aging

Le Mysteriuex

Essential Oils of Spruce Black & Neroli in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite combine to create a blend that offers detoxing and energizing benefits. This blend has a host of other powerhouse essential oils in our proprietary blend that yield a complex and deliciously masculine aroma, it is easy to see why Le Mysteriuex is preferred by Men and all the women who love them. It's of course for her too, if she so choses! 

Aromatherapy- Spruce Black & Neroli alleviate stress, depression, energize & enhance mood 

Crystaltherapy - Citrine & Selenite 

Templetherapy- stimulates new cell growth ~treats oily skin ~reduces signs of aging ~diminishes appearance of scars, stretch marks ~relaxes muscles & joints ~aids in repair of muscles, ligaments, tendons ~treats respiratory issues ~protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin ~high anti-aging 


Radiate is a Rose Gold drizzled intoxicating combination of Jasmine, Neroli & Rosewood in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite. This product will have you lighting up all the rooms, floating & radiating like the Goddess you are. 

Aromatherapy- Jasmine, Neroli & Rosewood banish stress, improve mood & boost memory

Crystaltherapy - Citrine & Selenite 

Templetherapy- increase libido  ~stimulates new cell growth ~diminishes appearance of scars, wrinkles ~balances oily skin ~adorns body temple with rose gold glitter ~protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin ~high anti-aging 

Radiate Elixir

Radiate Salve

Unscented Utopia

For the aroma sensitive. Our all the natural base oils and crystal energies of citrine & selenite provide supreme antioxidant and UV protection to the hair and skin from the elements and environmental pollutants while activating prosperity consciousness, positively shifting energy and encouraging a state of mindfulness to strengthen your connection to the divine.

Aromatherapy - n/a

Crystaltherapy- Citrine & Selenite

Templetherapy- supreme antioxidant & protection from environmental pollutants  ~fortifies hair ~seals maximum moisture into skin resulting in resilient, beautiful, & glowing body temple ~moderate anti-aging 

Ylang Ylang Indulgence

The powers of Ylang Ylang & Lavender essential oils combine in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite to yield a meticulously formulated multi-floral, mildly herbal, anti-aging & mood lifting, super emollient, well-being enhancing delight. It's our go to for excessively dry scalp, skin and hair. 


Aromatherapy - mood lifting, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, relaxant

Crystaltherapy- Citrine & Selenite

Templetherapy- promotes balanced scalp ~soothes & prevents skin/scalp inflammation ~repairs dry skin ~treats skin irritations ~reduces blood pressure ~stimulates nervous system ~detoxes skin ~protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin ~high anti-aging 


Neroli Basil Bliss 

We've fused Neroli & Basil essential oils in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite to create a blend that does all the things one needs to move through life being their best self. Our proprietary essential oil blend for Neroli Basil Bliss is a delicate balance of non sensitizing citrus, so you can soak up the sunshine, soft florals and grounding anti-fungal herbals. 

Aromatherapy- Neroli & Basil promote mental clarity, energize, calm, soothe headaches, fight depression, alleviate stress & anxiety, aphrodisiac 

Crystaltherapy - Citrine Selenite 

Templetherapy- stimulates circulation ~new cell & hair growth ~reduces inflammation  ~soothes dry & sensitive skin ~reduces scarring & stretch marks ~smoothes wrinkles ~balances oily skin ~protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin ~high anti-aging 

Neroli Basil Elixir

Neroli Basil Salve

Rosemary Rose 

We've combined the essential oils of Rosemary & Rose in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite to bring you a powerhouse wellness blend like no other.  The combination of this blend is calming, body system stimulating, heart healing & uplifting.

Aromatherapy-  Combats stress, anxiety, headaches & mental fatigue  ~improves mood ~increases concentration ~boosts memory.

Crystaltherapy - Citrine Selenite

Templetherapy- treats skin irritations ~strengthens immune system & hair roots combating premature hair loss ~aids in toxin elimination ~diminishes scars *tones skin   ~combats inflammation ~enlivens libido ~regulates hormone production ~protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin ~high anti-aging   

Redolent Rosewood 

Rosewood & Bergamont Essential oils combine in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite to comprise a blend that brings him immune system stimulation in a custom mixed a warm, woody, fruity, citrus, sweet, spicy, smidgeon of floral scent. This blend is loved by all but created just for him. 

Aromatherapy - Rosewood & Bergamont relieve stress, anxiety, & depression  ~has aphrodisiac properties 

Crystaltherapy - Citrine & Selenite 

Templetherapy - immune system stimulant ~helps heal wounds ~reduces pain, nervous tension & fever ~protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin ~moderate anti-aging

Redolent Rosewood Elixir

Redolent Rosewood Salve