How do I know which blend to order?
The blends have been grouped by maximum benefit. All of our products promote hair growth and scalp balancing while softening and protecting your hair and skin. The benefit categories are to highlight their primary potencies. 
Do you make any other size than 8oz?
Not currently but do check back and feel free to let us know using the connect page what sizes work best for your lifestyle.

Can I order samples? 
Yes you can. Please see individual product pages and indicate which samples you'd like using our connect form. All samples are 1/2oz and FREE, plus shipping cost.  Restrictions: 1 each, per blend, per individual order. 

Do you offer wholesale orders?
Use our connect page for inquiries.

Can I eat the product? 
No. I know it smells good enough to eat but most essential oils are not for consumption so please do not eat it. 

Can I use it on my face?
Yes! Though not designed for facial skin, normal - dry skin types may use the blends as a post cleansing and toning serum. Dab a small amount on damp skin - forehead, cheeks & chin - rub in as final step in skin care regiment. Avoid getting in eyes. 

Is it possible to be allergic to this product?
Yes. A product being all natural and organic will not prevent allergic reactions if it contains ingredients that you are allergic to. Example: if you have citrus allergies avoid blends with citrus oils unless cleared by your physician. 

Will it work for my hair type?
The elixirs are great for all hair and scalp types as a finishing and treatment product. As a styler the salves are best for wavy to kinky hair types. 

Can I use it on my skin?
Please do you'll never use lotion again. Our elixirs and salves offer full spectrum mild SPF skin protection with skin softening & anti-aging benefits. 

I have a skin condition can I use your products?

Certainly! Mother Nature has the most effective and least harmful healing ingredients in creation. Shea butter the main base in our salves is an inflammation reducing and skin protecting power house itself. The salves in our skin conditions category are highly effective for calming and healing eczema, psoriasis, rashes, cuts, scrapes and scars due to their targeted essential oil inclusions. 

Do you make children's products?
Our Lavender Luxury and Unscented Utopia Collections are best for babes. 

What does cruelty -free mean?
It means no animals were harmed in the making of these products. We test all of our products on people.

Are your products vegan? 
Yes, we use zero animal derived ingredients in our products. Plant Power!

Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes! Our packaging is made with BPA free PET plastics. Please recycle or reuse.