To our well-being. 

Vibrate Higher!

PEACOCK ORE - One of our select crystal gift with purchase. Learn & enjoy!

SELENITE the stone of "Divine Light" is one of our main brewing crystal inclusions. Also known as Stone of The Moon, it:

  • Raises Vibration
  • Removes Energy Blockages & Aligns Chakras
  • Connects to Third Eye, Crown, Etheric Chakras
  • Promotes Emotional Well-Being
  • Blocks Toxic Energy
  • Reverses Effects of Free Radicals
  • Deflects Geopathic Stress

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CITRINE the stone of Solar Energy is one of our main brewing crystal inclusions. Here are some of it's attributes we sought to bring to our offerings: 

  • attracts abundance 
  • maximizes manifestation 
  • alleviates depression & fears 
  • increases personal power & confidence 
  • stimulates solar plexus chakra 
  • assists in toxin elimination 
  • improves digestion & blood circulation 
  • strengthens immune system boosts metabolism 

PALO SANTO known as Holy Wood is native to South America.  When inhaled it assists in energy clearing & uplifting. It also promotes relaxation by moving directly through the brain’s olfactory system, stimulating the body’s relaxation response to combat worry, anxiety, sleep disorders and depression. Learn & enjoy!

HEMPSEED OIL one of nature's powerhouse oils and ours too! Learn & enjoy the benefits. 


We use only the best of natures ingredients to create a product that delivers maximum benefits and results. Our ingredient combinations may be the only thing we aren't minimalists about! Mango butter has made our list and here's why!

softens hair 
imparts shine 
restores damaged cuticle
Reduces the signs of aging
restores skins protective barrier
replenishes lost moisture
antiseptic, healing and soothing 
repairs dry skin

Mango butter soothes and softens the skin. It offers protective effects against UV radiation, heals and protects the skin from irritations, sunburn and frostbite. 

It's high antioxidant content makes mango butter anti-aging. It prevents aging of the skin, reduces the look of lines, wrinkles and helps keep your skin and hair in excellent condition. Mango butter is also a regenerative and is excellent for anyone with dry, damaged skin and hair in need of supreme moisture rentention, protection and fortification.


protects hair from sun damage

delays moisture loss


we use only the best of natures ingredients to create a product that delivers maximum benefits and results. Our ingredient combinations may be the only thing we aren't minimalists about! Broccoli Seed Oil has made our list and here's why!

It is unique among the vegetable oils and contains a fatty acid profile that gives it excellent absorption properties while offering significant film forming properties on the skin, as well as on the hair, resulting in a healthy glow on the skin and shine on the hair.  It's anti-oxidant profile makes it an amazing substitute for the activity of silicones where the film forming activity results in a natural shine, cuticle smoothing of the hair, while preventing oxidation. 

Strengthens hair follicles
Combats hair loss
Promotes hair growth
Superior Hydration Properties
Protects from sun damage and high heat 
Regenerates skin cells 
Superior Hydration Properties
Amazing Antioxidant
Reduces Inflamation
Skin Cancer Preventative  


The benefits of this plant oil are many so we'll focus on the ones that bring the best to our products!

Inhaling this oil brings instant relaxation and a sense of calm. Rubbing into the skin relaxes muscles and brings a cooling sensation to the body. It's antiseptic properties make it an effective natural treatment for skin abrasions.

Use on the hair and scalp has its benefits too!
It has properties that promote hair follicle stimulation for increased hair growth, thickness and shine while its anti fungal properties guard against dandruff and other fungal conditions.

Our Eucalyptus Euphoria Blend is loaded with it while our others have lower concentrations of this powerhouse oil.


When used topically rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, combats dandruff and increases blood flow in the body. It is antiseptic and antimicrobial making it beneficial in the treatment of skin irritations. It does all this while strengthening the immune system. As aromatherapy it combats stress, anxiety, headaches, mental fatigue, improves mood, increases concentration and boosts memory 
As a topical rose oil strenthens the roots of the hair combating premature hair loss while aiding in toxin elimination in the body, diminishing scars, toning and lifting skin and combating inflammation. In aromatherapy the inhalation of this botanical oil regulates hormone production, relieves anxiety and boosts libido.