• Pura Luvva Elixir 8oz


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    Limited Edition Blends are created when we're inspired... by nature, the cosmos, wellness needs, collaborations... They are available EXCLUSIVELY at our pop up events, retail partners and FIRST to our Vibrant Incredible Customers via email shopping invitation. 

    NOVEMBER 2019 

    PURA LUVVA Elixir $44.99 

    Pura Luvva is a bountifully floral, herbaceous and citrus balanced blend for uplifting & tranquility. It is a primary composition of 7 essential oils - Vetiver, Rose, Grapefruit, Neroli, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood - that all alleviate depression, anxiety, reduce stress & fatigue, enhance concentration & memory, promote relaxation, while imparting aphrodisiac effects. 

    Created to commemorate Pura Luna Apothecary’s - Santa Barbara, CA. (our very first retail partner) two year Anniversary and celebrate their love of life, women’s wellness, community and each other. This blend showcases the owner’s favorite essential oils and botanicals. 

    Aromatherapy - enhances mood, reduces stress, tension & sugar cravings, promotes relaxation & restful sleep, enlivens libido, energizes, balances emotions enhancing the general sense of well-being 

    Crystaltherapy - Citrine & Selenite
    Templetherapy*strengthens hair roots combating premature hair loss *improves the appearance of hair thickness & lustre *soothes symptoms of menstruation & menopause *balances hormones *enhances immunity & circulation *boosts metabolism, digestion & weight loss *eases muscular aches & joint pain *combats inflammation *calms & cools body   *promotes the regeneration of new skin & smooth radiant complexion *diminishes scars *firms, tightens, & tones skin  *reduces appearance of cellulite  *protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin  *high anti-aging