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SEASONAL Rosemary Rose Ultimate Treatment Elixir 8oz


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We've combined the essential oils of Rosemary & Rose in a crystal decoction of citrine & selenite to bring you a powerhouse wellness blend like no other.

Aromatherapy- The combination of this blend is calming, body system stimulating, heart healing & uplifting. Combats stress, anxiety, headaches, mental fatigue, improves mood, increases concentration, boosts memory.
Crystaltherapy- Citrine activates prosperity consciousness, positively shifts energy & Selenite clears all energy blockages, encourages a state of mindfulness to strengthen your connection to the divine.
Templetherapy- *treats skin irritations *strengthens immune system & hair roots combating premature hair loss *aids in toxin elimination *diminishes scars *tones skin *combats inflammation *enlivens libido *regulates hormone production *protects, softens & increases moisture in hair & skin *high anti-aging   

Ingredients: essence of Citrine & Selenite Crystal in unrefined oils of argan, broccoli seed, grapeseed, hempseed, olive, carrot, tamanu, proprietary well-being essential oil blend finished with botanical infusion. 

Cautions: This is a highly concentrated product DO consult your physician for prolonged use during pregnancy. Avoid use on infants. 
USES - emulsify in hands or pour directly on desired area. Best used on damp skin. 

  • light body oil
  • hot oil scalp and hair treatment
  • on and off the scalp deep conditioner additive
  • heat protectant for blow drying or thermal styling
  • dry oil to scrunch in when finishing or refreshing any style
  • beard and bald head protectant
  • massage and bath