Virtually all essential oils have bactericidal properties & by promoting the production of white blood cells they can help prevent & treat infectious illness

Julia Lawless

Welcome Vibrant Beings.

Welcome to our well-being atelier where we craft luxurious blends optimized for an abundance of well-being benefits. 

Our elixirs & salves are a proprietary decoction of high vibrational crystal energy in a base of nature’s most super powered oils for maximum therapeutic benefits. We’ve chosen two of the highest vibration crystals in creation as our primary brewing inclusions. 

Citrine to activate abundance & stimulate prosperity consciousness. Selenite to purify energy, encourage a state of positive mindfulness & strengthen your connection to the divine. 

Use on your entire temple for healthy balanced scalp, lustrous strong hair, body skin in need of rejuvenation, increased moisture retention, superior environmental protection delivered with divine healing aroma.

 Start each day with an energy enhancing opulent self care experience.

Aromatherapy – Crystaltherapy – Templetherapy

Anoint your temple daily & elevate your well-being.