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Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, Ancient Medicine Alchemist & Natural Hair Healer

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Hair Healing Consultation 

Holistic Health Coaching (coming soon)

Intuitive Aromatherapy (coming soon) 

How in the world did I end up in healing work? 

Well let me tell you…at the age of 27…so 18 years ago now… I was forced to choose a natural lifestyle over the standard modern high stress, unnatural lifestyle loaded with harmful synthetic chemicals in processed food stuffs and personal care products. 

Living the first 27 years of my life doing the latter had gotten me depressed, over-weight, chronic yeast infections, eczema, acne, a plethora of toxic relationships that mirrored my toxic state of being, & generally unhappy landing me with a major depressive disorder diagnosis and in a 90 day chemical dependency recovery program. 

My body had been sending me all the signals that it was out of balance and something wasn’t right for years and when I woke up one morning and could not turn my head I had no choice but to go to the doctor and have them confirm that I was having a physical response to extreme stress and changes were needed in my life. 

They gave me muscle relaxants that day and referred me to a psychologist who was very uncaring, cold and gave me a choice of going on pharmaceuticals to manage the depression and anxiety and go back to work OR to go to a chemical dependency recovery program for 90 days to get off alcohol and cannabis as methods of self medicating. The crazy part is I didn’t even realize I was self medicating until the therapist posed a series of questions around how often I drink and use drugs! 

As irritated as I was with my therapist at the time I opted for the chemical dependency recovery program as I could not see myself using pharmaceutical drugs to manage life nor did I want to continue abusing alcohol and cannabis. Swapping one type of drug for the other just didn’t make sense to me and was not the life I wanted. I also requested a transfer to a different therapist in hopes of finding one that was more warm and caring about my situation. Trust the vibes, y’all. I was blessed to finish my treatment with exactly that. 

The next 90 days free of substances to manage my high stress life provided me with the mental clarity I needed to make the changes necessary to set myself up for a better quality of life and truly cultivate happiness and good health in my life. I had the time to research everything from food ingredients, product ingredients, environmental pollutants and it was during this time that I went vegetarian and cut off all my hair and went natural. I am one of those people who actually do better when they know better so I couldn’t know all that I did and keep doing things that negatively impacted my health and feel good about myself. 

Upon completing the chemical dependency recovery program my new therapist gave me more time off from work to figure out what I needed to do to make some positive changes in my life, respected my choice to do this treatment pharmaceutical free and supported me blowing up my current life for the creation of a new one. So I quit my corporate job and stepped out into the unknown, bought a house in another state, moved away from everyone and everything that was contributing to my stress and unhappiness and sought out to make choices that supported me being a happy & healthy me. 

The journey has not been without detours from the optimal health path as unhealthy food and products are all around us, most convenient to get to and have become a large part of how we fellowship with one another. The on & off part of my journey has also given me great empathy for those who want to get healthy but just haven’t been able to develop the discipline. You see FOOD ADDICTION is a real thing not talked about enough using that term. 

How do you know you have a food addiction? When you are aware that the food you are consuming is harmful to you and you continue to do it. Or you want to stop doing something and you can’t. You can apply that definition to anything you know is harmful to you that you continue to do. 

When you’re ready to overcome your unhealthy habits you’ll consciously take time to explore why you do what you do and write the answers down. Seeing it on paper makes it real. Then you’ll explore what’s most important to you and commit and recommit yourself as many times as necessary to making decisions that support your health and evolving to the highest version of yourself – the self that God intends for you. 

You deserve to live a life that is free of health problems, preventable disease and enables you to cultivate healthy relationships, joy & inner-peace. We all deserve this and it starts with taking charge of your health. 

Take the first step today by requesting one of the following consultations.

Hair Healing Consultation 

Holistic Health Coaching (coming soon)

Intuitive Aromatherapy (coming soon)