Well-Being Goddess & Founder – Amena BelledeSoleil


Basique Opulence Wellness is a small, well-being focused, total self care brand that crafts unique high vibrational crystal decoction + essential oil blends to assist every beautiful soul in achieving a state of age-defying well-being via their daily self care ritual. We are total body, offering something for the entire family, using two of nature’s highest energy crystals – citrine + selenite – + quality oils to provide an abundance of hair + health benefits.

It was born in 2013 out of a desire to have an all natural, synthetic fragrance free product that I could feel good about using on myself from hair to toe that delivers the maximum hair + health benefits in one product. It has evolved to include my appreciation of crystals for their aligned healing abilities.

As a lifestyle well-being enthusiast + licensed cosmetologist it was an organic progression to begin using the salves (butters) + elixirs (oils) on my clients. When they started asking to buy them I was overwhelmed with gratitude & ideas. Several formula upgrades + packaging re-designs + intentional aromatherapeutic blend creations later here we are gratefully expanding our offerings to the well-being focused world community.

Experience our offerings + share in the love of high vibrational, divinely inspired, aromatherapuetic, total well-being, light energy evoking personal care goodness.  

Woman Owned. Ancient Medicine Powered. Fair Trade. Cruelty & Crap Free. Made with Zen in California. 

Anoint your temple daily & elevate your well-being!


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