Synthetic Fragrance Harms Our Health

Synthetic Fragrance is everywhere and it often smells soo good but did you know it is responsible for many serious health issues? Basique Opulence was created using essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance as a way of having products that are good for our health in every way instead of harmful to our health. In […]

Natural Hair Care is Easy – coily, kinky, & curly.

Greetings Vibrant Beings, I’m making some space in this brand for natural hair care guidance as that is what inspired me to create my product line -Basique Opulence – for which this website exists. Our elixir & salve products were created to be universal stylers & treatments for coily to curly hair types & all […]

Do Black People Need Sunscreen?

This is a question that has been debated for ages and I’m a strong advocate of all natural everything when possible and all things are possible with focused intention. If and only IF the sunscreen is all natural and contains no toxic or health harmful ingredients – go for it. If it isn’t and contains […]

Aromatherapy + Essential Oil Safety

But first – safety! While essential oils & aromatherapy have been used since ancient times and are relatively safe we want to share some best practices to ensure you are experiencing the most beneficial aspects of these multi-benefit aromatic health improving compounds. Essential oils are all natural, but they are also potent + powerful compounds. […]

Cool Yourself – Aromatherapy for Summer

We love the summer season and all the sunshine, play, rejuvenation and heat it brings. Yet cooling options are needed when the heat gets too much making us uncomfortable and prone to sunburn so we’re sharing our favorite essential oils that bring on the cooling sensations. Opting for natural relief from the heat can help […]

Ancient Medicine for Stress Relief

Essential Oils & Herbs have been used in ritual to promote health & remedy ills since antiquity. Chronic Stress accounts for 80% of all healthcare problems in the United States. We are seeing a similar trend in other countries like the UK, Germany & Finland to name a few… Stress can be divided into that […]