Cool Yourself – Aromatherapy for Summer

We love the summer season and all the sunshine, play, rejuvenation and heat it brings. Yet cooling options are needed when the heat gets too much making us uncomfortable and prone to sunburn so we’re sharing our favorite essential oils that bring on the cooling sensations.

Opting for natural relief from the heat can help save money on your energy bill and help the environment. Most importantly it limits the toxicant exposure to synthetic and harmful chemical air freshening and topical sunscreen products.

Have you ever put an essential oil blend on your skin, and then felt the cooling sensation a few minutes later?

That’s because some essential oils contain natural components that activate cold-sensing nerves in the skin. Essential oils in the mint, citrus and floral families offer the most cooling effects.

NOTE: Use caution with certain citrus on the skin as some of these oils can be phytotoxic causing damage to the skin when exposed to sunlight. Steam distilled oils are where you want to focus if using on the skin.

Peppermint – refreshing, minty, cooling. it sharpens the senses making you feel more alert & energized

Eucalyptus – great for clear breathing and lung support, simply opening the bottle and inhaling the oil’s fresh, penetrating aroma can help clear the mind and nostrils.

Vetiver – known for its grounding, relaxing effects, it also soothes skin inflammation. earthy, smoky, woodsy, and sweet, it has a rich aroma that reminds of being in the forest at night.

Geranium – loved for dissolving stagnation and blocked energy and has an herbal, rosy, lemony aroma that can comfort the heart through occasional or ongoing stress. great for calming inflammation. use in a soothing balm for areas that feel puffy and red, or make a moisturizing oil to encourage the body’s natural cleansing process. 

Lime – lifts the spirit out of melancholy, and can ease both emotional and physical pressure. refreshing, bright, sparkly aroma infuses the body with energy. It’s a great aid for muscle cramps. Look for steam distilled oils as they are non phototoxic as opposed to their cold pressed counterparts.

Sandalwood – brings serenity to the entire system, and is wonderful for skincare, soothing sore spots, purification, and nurturing the body’s energy to flow smoothly. Its also very cooling and blends well with florals and citrus

Spearmint Oil – cooling, minty, fresh, sweet, & bright, it inspires enthusiasm and joy! It’s wonderful for exercise blends, offering the energy to get started and complete a workout—while afterward, its cooling touch can soothe muscles.


Skin Care

Be sure to dilute your favorite cooling essential oil with a single or blended carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil, jojoba oil, etc — 3 tablespoons of carrier oil for every drop of essential oil. NOTE: Applying neat essential oils to the skin can result in sensitivity and allergy so always dilute unless directed by an aromatherapist for medicinal reasons.

Learn more about essential oil safety here.

Make an air, body & fabric spray

Fill a small spray bottle with about a cup of water. Place 2 to 3 drops of your preferred cooling essential oil. Shake and spray.

Want it quicker drying and super cooling? add a quarter rubbing alcohol to the mix and enjoy.

Purify Your Air

Diffusing is an excellent way to feel cool this summer. Filling the room with the aroma of your favorite cooling essential oil does actually help beat the scorching summer heat and add a soothing lung expanding element to your breathing.

WARNING: Make sure you inform your doctor about your plan on using essential oils if you are pregnant or diagnosed with a medical condition or are planning on using them on children.



All our elixirs and salves offer built in natural SPF protection while Neroli Basil, Eucaplyptmint Euphoria, Lavender Luxury bring the extra cooling sensations.


All our air purification blends will assist in cooling your space and balancing your energy.

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