Conscious Eating- High Vibrational Foods

Nature’s High Vibrational Yummy Goodness

There is more and more talk about raising your vibration and living from your higher self these days but how does one begin to do that?

Some would say a spiritual or religious practice, yoga or fitness, meditation even. While all of these are pillars of maintaining a high vibration I find the most important step in elevating your energy and raising your vibration is in the foods you eat.

Food is not only fuel for the body but it is also information that tells the cells of your body what to do. In order to biochemically raise your vibration, you want to consume an abundance of high vibrational foods.

What are High Frequency or Vibrational Foods?

To keep it super simple High Vibrational Foods are whole foods – they are foods that haven’t had anything added to them – ingredients themselves.

They are plants in their raw form fortified by the energy of the Sun. I love the philosophy over at Sunfired Foods.

Every time we eat a food we absorb that foods energy into our body so if you want to have high energy then eating high vibrational foods is the critical move.

High Vibrational Foods List

These foods should be organic as to ensure less exposure to pesticides & herbicides that harm the body system. Raw, steamed or dehydrated is best as heat used in cooking denatures nutrients in food reducing its vibration & healing capabilities.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Superfoods, Herbs & Spices

Herbal Teas

Nuts & Seeds

Whole Grains

Spring & Alkaline Water

Health Supportive Oils – hemp, avocado, olive, coconut

Transitioning to a High Vibrational Diet

Your diet or “live it” as Brotha Yahki calls it is a very personal and specific choice. Having knowledge of how different foods impact the body will ultimately determine which foods we choose to consume. Some of us will opt for the Highest Vibrational foods at all times understanding that this is the pathway to optimal health preventing and healing disease.

While others may opt to partake in foods that aren’t as high vibrational knowing the negative impact on the body, energy & spirit but choosing to enjoy the deliciousness of some lesser healthy foods as one of the many varied choices in the human experience. Enter quarterly detoxing – more on that in another blog.

You’ll know you’re making the right choices for you when you eat and feel no self betrayal, disappointment or regret.

Food can either create healing in the body or it can create disease. Make your choices with this knowing.

Low Vibrational Foods

The energy in food is reduced significantly through cooking, microwaving, canning, & dehydrating. The vibration of food is also affected by the energy it was grown with. Consider the difference in energy herbs grown in an organic sun powered garden have vs energy of herbs grown in an artificial light factory.

Eating low energy foods – non living foods – require more energy from the body to digest and contribute to the development of disease.

Low Vibrational Foods List

Meat, Fish & Poultryit’s non living aka a cooked carcass

Deep Fried Foodseven veggies so partake sparingly

Microwaved Foods

White Rice & Floursbleaching alters the nutrient content & leaves behind trace chemical residue

Sugars & Artificial Sweetenersdehydrate the body & interfere with natural body sugar levels

Processed & Canned Foodsif it has ingredients you can’t pronounce or recognize leave it on the shelf

Fast Foodsall of this is processed but I felt it deserved a separate mention

ALL Dairy Products

Alcohol & Soda’s

Unhealthy cooking oilscanola, cottonseed, margarine, vegetable oil

More on High Vibrational Foods

I read an interesting piece on High Vibrational Foods that inspired me to write this post & gives more detail on the vibration of foods – high & low. Check it out here

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